About Us

The truth is that after the second world war, and in the lead up to the 60s peace movement, all people talked about was revolution, and all the rock bands have taunted audiences with calls for revolution, change and equality, the security service were told to deal with it by the establishment.

The first things we hear are of the attempted subversion of the rolling stones by MI5. They have been braking up society in one way or another since then for control purposes. The Free Masons and other fraternal entities have infiltrated every government in the world and are controlling the world in a new NAZI state.

In the 1960s MK Ultra was started by the USA CIA, the CIA worked with MI6 and in 1969 Dr Barrie Trower, a scientist from MI6, was brought in to run military intelligence de briefing of spies using Voice to Skull. Barry has since consulted with Police agencies on the use of this equipment, so we know the police are using the mobile versions of voice to skull.

The Freemasons and other fraternaties, have Ring-fenced people for centuries, sucking the life out of talented people, stealing their Intellectual Property Rights and businesses, then surrounding them with people that destroy their life. This was then passed by Masons lodges, to local criminals to undertake. As it developed over decades, the drug Mafia and organised crime got involved in the Ring-fencing, because they were paid, or presure the Masons applied to them via the security services which they control.