Volunteers are at the heart of the TIA and we are privileged to have an amazing community of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers who help us to run our activities. We are always delighted to welcome newcomers who are interested in joining as a volunteer.

Anyone can volunteer, find out how to volunteer in our community and give your time to help others. Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life, to share a similar experiences with others in the same position as you. It can be very rewarding and is a great way to, meet new people, gain new or use existing skills, improved chances for work, better health and well-being and more self-confidence, doing something amazing with your spare time to make a big difference to our community.

We want to ensure that anyone thinking about giving their time can find a volunteering opportunity within the TIA that is right for them. Whether its supporting a our legal case load or surveillance counter intelligence teams, helping to solve technical issues, posting social media, recruiting new members or raising money to help keep our heads above water while we beat this Targeted Individuals system and Mason Gang Stalking.

There are lots of easy ways to give your time to help. It can be local to you, or helping in the bigger picture, making a regular commitment to volunteer with the TIA community will help the community and you.

Commitment, Skills & Qualities Needed: Interest in supporting others, good listening and interpersonal skills, patience, reliability and flexibility, respect for other cultures, encouraging people, English language, ability to plan and work as part of team, good interpersonal and communication skills, patient and understanding. The commitment can be from 2 to 4 hours per week, or more depending on your circumstance, ensuring the Ground Rules for the TIA are followed.


Science, Technical & Medical:
Targeted Individuals Association Legal - Targeted Individuals Association, Targeted Individual, TI, Gangstalking, Gang Stalking, Mason Gangstalking, Mason gang stalking, freemason stalking, Targeted Individuals Association Founded By Gary Owens.Help our work group break down the science used against Targeted Individuals, for court presentation. If we solve it together we end it for everyone.

We are building a team of volunteer scientists, engineers and medical experts, working on the technology behind Targeted Individuals and Gang Stalking. We are looking into V2k (Voice to Skull), DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), Brain Entrainment and Mind Control. So we can demo the equipment in court cases.

Tele and datacoms forensic analysis, all telephone and data movements within sight of the targets premises. So we can get court requested acquisition of call records from our surrounding area of a target. Followed by questioning from our counter survailance teams, the police and judicial authorities.

We need datacoms experts to go through the home of the target, check iptv system apps, any electrical equipment, and check past traffic provided by telecoms companies for diverted IPs and proxy servers. If you have information about the technology or want to help, please get in touch.

On the medical side we need friendly facilities outside government control to have MRI and CT scans, CT Panoramic (which is a referral from your dentist) and X-Rays for any issues as a result of rf microwave radiation. The worlds first Combined 3-In-1 Digital Dental CT, Panoramic and Cephalometric X-Ray. We need experts in EMF/RF radiation prolonged exposure and diagnosis of cancers and other effects of prolonged RF radiation.

We need to be able to do microwave radiation test on hair follicles over the preceding 3 years, this is to prove we have been bombarded with radiation by the people doing this. Microwave radiation cauterisation burns on the heart and surrounding blood vessels from directed energy weapons, from focused microwave beam attacks and prolonged V2k.

Join our technical and medical work group, are you a scientist looking to help the cause? Do you have the skill set to help us?

We Need Investigators To Help With Arresting Gang Stalkers
Targeted Individuals Association Legal - Targeted Individuals Association, Targeted Individual, TI, Gangstalking, Gang Stalking, Mason Gangstalking, Mason gang stalking, freemason stalking, Targeted 
Individuals Association Founded By Gary Owens.Help our legal team with cases for targeted individuals. We are investigatign many Targeted Individuals cases. Suing every Government and Security Service in the World. The aim is to bring more and more legal cases against them to the point where they can no longer justify or afford to defend the cases.

We are building a team of international investigators to counter surveillance the gangstalking, build up a Black List of those involved worldwide. We are seeking compensation for all members of the Targeted Individuals Association. Help us bring the Gang Stalkers to justice, help Targeted Individuals get some justice. Get involved and stop this Nazi plague that is sweeping our world.

Help make money for the TIA
Help Fund-raise, hold events to raise funds to keep our efforts going, sell our merchandising, or come up with your own plans to help us gain finance. Become a Patron and support our cause. Set up crowdfunds and donation channels.

Promotion and publicity
Social media posting and managing, printing leaflets and stationary, banners, assist in the development of publicity material and in the promotion of the project. Merchandising, tea shirts and caps.

Set Up Workshops, Meetings & Seminars
Help run a support group, focus group or attend our weekly and monthly group meetings.

Other Volunteering Opportunities:
If you have a particular suggestion regarding volunteering that is not listed here, please complete our Volunteer Application form and let us know how you would like to contribute. We do not always have capacity to take up suggestions, but we will certainly consider your proposal with interest and let you know.

If you have any questions or suggestions about volunteering, or for further information, please complete our Volunteer Application form, specifying your area of interest.